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SkillsPlus Features

Here are just a few of the unique features that set SkillsPlus apart from other competency assessment and reporting systems - all delivered as part of your standard implementation at no extra charge.


A true Web-based solution


Connect to SkillsPlus from virtually any location with an Internet connection: the shop; classroom; job site; even from home. By hosting your data remotely on one of our secure servers we help ensure your easy access from just about anywhere. 


Unmatched mobility


Whether connecting from your PC, Mac, or wireless PDA, SkillsPlus offers unmatched mobility. And, because you record your actions online, you greatly reduce the chance of data loss associated with the use of additional components like bar code readers, and transferring data from a PDA docking cradle. With SkillsPlus you enjoy the peace of mind that your actions are recorded securely and efficiently with just a few clicks of your mouse, or taps of your PDA screen.


Minimum system requirements


As a true web-based solution SkillsPlus is platform independent. System requirements for your Mac or PC are a connection to the Internet and a standard Web browser. And instructors recording competency attainments on their handheld devices can use practically any wireless PDA featuring true browser capabilities. 


Fully integrated hours tracking


Finally an option that allows you to track student competency achievement, and record seat time/clock hours, all within the same tool. No need to buy, install, or maintain an additional system. Track hours attained in the shop, the classroom, the job site, or any other category. Run Quick Reports on the fly to view accumulated or itemized hours gained by one or more students. 


More reporting options


In addition to the main SkillsPlus Reports module, the system also provides two additional Quick Reports reporting functions designed to help instructors and administrators access the data most critical to their jobs. Reporting in SkillsPlus goes way beyond the canned options found in many systems. The ability to set report parameters, coupled with leading filtering tools, provide users at all levels with an ever expanding array of ways to organize and output data.  


Skills-based individual education plans


Need a way to create individual education plans for students? Want to build those plans around skills being taught in general classes as well as ad hoc skills specific to the student’s own training objectives? SkillsPlus has you covered. Our iPlans modules allow you to create plan templates, set up plans for individual students, and track student progress against defined skills. 


Better tools - improved efficiency


Comprehensive and easy-to-use tools for importing, editing, and assigning lists of skills  - as well as simple routines for sharing data from your existing scheduling system - are just the beginning. Add in the ability to break out component and module access by user type, timesaving multiselect capabilities, and options for creating a virtually unlimited number of extra fields to customize your implementation - and you start to see the SkillsPlus difference 


Toll free support


Your annual subscription to SkillsPlus includes both user and technical support for the life of your contract - direct from TrainWorks. Contact us toll free or via e-mail. And, because SkillsPlus is totally web-based, we can address issues with your specific implementation online, with no high-priced onsite service charges. 


Read what some of current clients have to say about SkillsPlus and our support.

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