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Long the standard for assessing performance in shop-based training environments, the practice of tracking student achievement against lists of skills continues to grow to keep pace with demands of the ever-changing workplace. From the traditional shop, to the academic classroom, the worksite, and high-tech labs, skills-based assessment is more important than ever. 

Fortunately, technologies for managing lists of skills, and tracking and reporting on student achievement have also evolved. Today’s administrators and instructors have retired their ineffective paper-based systems. They’ve moved beyond cumbersome bar code driven applications and tools that require manually transferring data from one device to another – and have embraced the simplicity and reliability of the truly mobile web-based solution found in SkillsPlus. 

Realize the benefits

SkillsPlus offers a proven, comprehensive, and easy to use approach to managing your skills and competency assessment activities.  The system is easy to learn and accessible from virtually any location with an Internet connection. 

Some of the benefits users experience include: 


  • Manage competency data throughout a single school or entire distinct
  • Use any list of skills: developed in house, industry standards, state mandated, off-the-shelf curriculum
  • Standardize lists of skills and competency assessment rankings
  • Create continuity in reporting and terminology usage
  •  Manage certifications
  • Create and assign individual skills-based education plans
  • Integrate access from existing intranet portals
  • Produce reports to:
            • Demonstrate compliance with federal, state, and local programs
        • Produce detailed skills-based student portfolios
        • Supplement report cards and diplomas
        • Track instructor activity 


  • Save time in managing, tracking, and reporting student competency assessment activity
  • Access student records on a PC, Mac, or wireless PDA
  • Leverage intuitive tools to record competency performance and earned hours
  • Produce reports to:
    • Review student and class standings
    • Perform skills gap analysis
    • Justify curriculum and grading actions
    • Demonstrate student growth-over-time
    • Increase communication with students and parents
    • Showcase student achievement to potential employers 
Cost effective

As a true Web-based solution SkillsPlus allows organizations to bypass up-front networked licensing fees. Subscribers lower their total cost of ownership by eliminating IT support and infrastructure maintenance costs associated with many applications including: system backups; server upgrades; and ensuring network availability. Subscribers traditionally experience an increased speed in product/user support resolution over that of traditional software implementations - and SkillsPlus subscribers receive product upgrades automatically and seamlessly, all at no additional charge. 

Reliable and secure

TrainWorks provides reliable data hosting services in a redundantly connected environment boasting a 99.99% network uptime. For additional peace of mind, subscribers are given the ability to create individual, secure, password-protected accounts for all of their users. A pre-set "time-out" function adds to your level of security by automatically disconnecting idle sessions to prevent access by unauthorized users. 

Check out some of the features that set SkillsPlus apart from other offerings. 

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